McCain vs Obama – A Sea of Change for Engagement as We Know It


Teens and twentysomethings today watch TV, with their PC in their lap (with a couple of Live Messenger Windows open), and the mobile in their hand (If they watch TV at all, it might just be that they catch a glimpse on YouTube and MSN Video on their desktop).  Anyways, chances are that how they keep themselves informed and how they engage in the US Election, are way different than with generations before them.  Thus, whilst I will stay up late and follow the media-debacle on the television from my couch, my kids will stay up-to-date through other media and means of communications.

Blogging and presence in general on the internet became all the rage in the campaign four years ago. This election has seen the resurgence of SNL as (also) a political voice, and ever-increasing popularity and actuality of the The VIew and the Daily Show.  Indicating the need for other input sources than the traditional talking heads and televised debates among candidates.  In addition, we see a trend where we all (especially the new generation) want to engage more, express their meanings, and voice their opinions on the issues and news they find important in their lives, through the media and communication channels they use.

Our (MSN) US election poll special and the mock election poll proved this point.  Our users got offered information (and fun), as well as an opportunity to get involved.  Across Europe, more than 500,000 casted their vote.  Later today (Tuesday, November 4) millions of Americans will vote, in what promises to be the election with the highest turnout since 1960.   Rather than dwell on what are the causes and effects (chicken and egg discussion, really), let’s just conclude that more people have been engaged in more ways than in any previous election.  And let’s continue to engage as broad as we can on the most important news and topics that we face.  That’s the least we can do.


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