Mindlessly Global and Hopelessly Local


A marketer’s dilemma.  And although the world is continually becoming more global, there are enough differences out there that makes us think twice about simply implementing prefabricated one-size-fits-all campaigns in any single market.
A long long time ago, when Theseus came into a town nearby Athens, Procrustes offered him a choice of two beds for the night. One very long, and one very short. Puzzled with the choice, Procrustes told Theseus that he did not need to worry – " I can make you fit either of them. All I do is to put the long men on the short bed, and saw of the ends that stick out; and I put the short men on the long bed, and hammer out their legs till they fit."  Theseus did not like his proposal, and killed him.
No, or at least very few, global campaigns holds in any given situation, culture or region.  We should think carefully about the balance between mindlessly global and hopelessly local.  Observes Carl Jung in Modern Man in Search of a Soul: "The shoe that fits one person pinches another, there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." A modern day example is the usage, as well as the buying behaviour, of mobile phones.  Which differs greatly between, say, the US and Scandinavia, between Burkina Phaso and Korea, to name a few.
Build a customized bed, but let everyone know it’s your bed.

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